Since the beginning of the year, I often ask myself this question. Are we doing enough for the environment? In our life and personal consumption, but especially as an eco-friendly clothing company. Often the answer is no.

There are so many projects that we could develop.

For example, Zero Waste clothing that would be made from 100% natural fiber (no spandex) biodegradable fabric, 100% natural fiber and biodegradable sewing machine thread and labels. So that at the end of life of the garment, it can be composted entirely or send it for recycling cellulose while it would be optimized for that.

Or make our clothes with hemp fibers grown and 100% processed in Quebec. It’s not available on the market yet, but it’s coming soon.

Or discover and identify complete transparency in our supply chain. We could, for example, write on each page of products and labels.

Labels → IBC Labels, Montreal, Canada
Sewing machine thread → Cansew Inc, Montreal, Canada
Garment making → Respecterre S.E.N.C., Ham-Nord, Canada
Fabric cutting → Respecterre S.E.N.C., Ham-Nord, Canada
Fabric dyeing → Ajax Textile Processing Co Ltd, Ajax, Canada
Fabric making → Tricot Bains Inc., Saint-Laurent, Canada
Yarn making → TENBRO spinning mill, China
Viscose making → TENBRO spinning mill, China
Pulp making → TENBRO bamboo pulp mill, Sichuan, China
Raw material → TENBRO bamboo farm, Sichuan, China

That would be a lot of work but everything is possible.

Or use textile fibers made from post-consumer recycled clothing. That’s it too. → (re:newcell) → (REFIBRA™)

Or dig deeper into the question of irresponsible viscose and how to avoid it.

Or collaborate with dyers who use natural dyes made from trees and plants. I recently learned that it exists in the United States →

I would like to know what you think of all this. Which project do you think we should prioritize? If you feel like it, you can fill out this short 5-minute questionnaire.