To you my loves !

To you my loves !

How proud I am to be able to tailor you sweaters, underwear, pants and all kinds of other darning. In a world where it is now more expensive to buy fabric and make yourself than to buy ready-made clothes, it should come as no surprise that many mothers today no longer know how to sew. This is not a reproach to mothers, of course, but to our modern society which no longer values manual labor.

As Pierre Rabhi says, our hands are smart. I have had the good fortune to see it so many times in this profession as a seamstress. They know how to position themselves, how to shoot, and the more experience you have the "smarter" your hands will be. You can sew a complete garment, cut a sweater for your son without a pattern… the possibilities are endless. But, why have we come to devalue certain manual trades? Farmers, cooks as dressmakers, assembly line work makes the profession so monotonous and without much learning. If you grow, cook or make a vegetable, dish or item of clothing from A to Z, your pride is quite different!

I was fortunate to live in an ecovillage where manual labor has been part of the success of the community. All learning is valued and being versatile in several areas as well. I thank life, the members of the community and my mother very much for the chance to have learned so much. What a wealth of confidence that you can always learn and get by on many levels.

On this new path, in my life as a mother, I often think of those women who have had 11, 12, 13 children. Wow! And they knew how to do everything: cook, sew, take care of children, animals, maintain the house. Sometimes the father was not there for several months a year. I take my hat off to them! As a mother, we have lost many of these skills of being able to do a multitude of manual work. Obviously, I wouldn't go back to those tough times and I won't have so many children. But, I think we would do well to teach our children how to cook, cultivate, sew. Whatever they can learn to fend for themselves later in life, no matter what, developing all kinds of intelligences and skills can only help them as adults.

Finally, dear customers, what you may not know: it often happens that your clothes are made to order. In inventory management logistics, RespecTerre has chosen not to have everything in stock. This often involves one of my colleagues or myself, when we receive your order, cutting and sewing the chosen garment for you. What pride it is to start with a piece of fabric and end up with a finished product a few hours later.

To you my loves, to you dear customers, be proud! You wear ecological, comfortable, canadian made clothes sewn with love and pride! Many thanks for supporting us with every purchase!