Our Company

Since its creation in 2007, Respecterre is committed to “Wear the Future” by offering solutions to the problem of getting dressed in an eco-friendly way, while stimulating the local economy. The company is part of an ecovillage that was founded in Quebec in 1984. La Cite Ecologique is now one of the most important ecovillage in Canada.
“Wear the Future” is more than a motto for us, it is a concept embracing far beyond the question of ecological clothing and it even surpasses the concept of responsible consumption. La Cite Ecologique embodies a lifestyle where responsibility covers all aspects of being to reveal the path for a sustainable future.



Respecterre is one of the few clothing brands to make its own production. We create, patterns, size, cut the fabric, sew, finish and sale our clothes. Underwear, casual, yoga and relaxation clothing made in Canada, with eco-friendly fabrics. Most of our fabrics are knitted in Canada and dyed using a process (Oeko-Tex 100) harmless for health and for the environment.