Translated with the help of Lucie Battaglia. Thank you Lucie!

This is often forgotten, but a good way to consume responsibly is sometimes not to consume at all. To get there, you could ask yourself if it is possible to live without the desired object or to continue using what you already have. As for clothing, it is difficult to live without it :). Here are 5 simple everyday tips to make your clothes last longer:

1. Hang to Dry


Did you know that the balls of lint from your dryer are not dirt, but fibers that got detached from your garments? By losing its fibers, the fabric thins and wears out faster. So, avoid the dryer. Hang your clothing outside to dry (bonus: a heavenly smell!). If you do not have a clothesline, you can always hang to dry inside your house or apartment (It will take a little longer, for example 2-3 days). You will also save on the electricity needed to run the dryer. You can even question the purchase of the dryer itself. Is this appliance really necessary?

2. Wash Inside Out


Your clothes will also last longer if you turn them inside out before washing. This will prevent the wear of exterior finishes, avoid pilling (God knows how much we want to prevent pilling!), and preserve prints or garment decorations (if any). The buttons will also be protected since there will be less friction and tension.

3. Zip and Button Up


Speaking of buttons… buttoning and zipping up your clothes will make them less likely to snag another fabric, to stretch or to tear. By doing this, you can prevent deformation and premature wear of the garment.

4.Patch It


When there is a hole in one of your socks, you have the option to develop your repairing skills instead of throwing the garment away. Also, the faster the hole is repaired, the less your clothes degrade rapidly.

5. Make New with Old


The average American throws away about 40 kg (80 pounds) of textile waste per year. Not only the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world, but also, the clothes are all found at the dump a few months later. When you have an old garment, it’s still possible to give it another life. For example, take an old garment to make another garment. Or reuse another item as a cushion, a handbag, a stuffed animal, etc. Be creative, and you’ll find the possibilities are endless. You might even find yourself a passion.

About the author Ugo Dutil: I grew up at the ecovillage “La Cite Ecologique” from 1 to 11. I decided to go back and live there when I was 25 years old. I like this way of life that allows us to prioritize human relationships over material possessions. I’ve been working with Respecterre since 2013. Minimalism and responsible consumption, especially in textiles, fascinates me.

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